Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Celebrations Part 3

On the Sunday after Christmas, we decided to skip church and spend some time as a family, perhaps starting a new tradition (not necessarily the skipping church part, it just so happened this year it was on a Sunday! :) ). We opened up all of our stocking gifts and had a delicious breakfast together in our PJ's. It was so much fun relaxing together after a busy couple of days. My mom especially liked the new tradition because normally she misses seeing us open our stockings on Christmas morning. Opening them the day after Christmas gives you one last thing to look forward to! :)

Santa delivering all of the gifts

"And the stockings were laid by the electric fireplace with care."

Kaden so intent on opening up his gifts

"Arr, matey!"

Brian and Emily (yes, we even had Brian pick up Emily early in the morning so she could participate!)
Enjoying breakfast

When I go to NJ, I always intend on getting together with old friends, but sometimes it doesn't always work out. The snow storm decided to come the morning we planned a get together with my high school friends, which delayed the get-together for awhile (snow pictures to come). Unfortunately, due to the weather Stacie wasn't able to join us and Kristen was in MI, but we got together with my friend Sarah, her husband Jason, and two adorable kiddos- Jordan and Olivia. Kaden and Jordan are the same age and played so well together, and we SO wish we lived closer so they could play together all of the time. PA and MI are a bit far for playdates. So, we'll just get together on breaks and savor the moments. We missed you Stacie and Kristen!!!

Me and Sarah

Jordan and Kaden

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