Tuesday, January 4, 2011


While we were in NJ, a major blizzard decided to show up. It was actually kind of nice watching the snow fall, knowing that we didn't have anywhere we had to be and could just relax and enjoy the snow. Of course we didn't have any snow stuff with us for Kaden, but considering they got almost 2 ft of snow, it probably would have been a bit difficult for Kaden to play in it anyhow! :) Since the snow slowed us down from everything we hoped to do in NJ, we decided to stay a few extra days and ended up driving back to MI during the day on Thursday, Dec. 30. Kaden did SO well in the car ride back (thank goodness for a portable DVD player!), which may have been due to the fact that he was fighting a cold. Needless to say, all went well and we had such a fun time!
Check out all of that snow! Brian attempting to snow blow. Believe it or not, the night before the blizzard came, he was hoping to snow because he was excited about snowblowing.
Brian trying to clear a path for the snowblower, Dad trying on the snow goggles, and our car stuck in the driveway!

Trying to stay on top of the snow as it fell

Kaden was mesmerized by the snow. He just sat by the window and watched it fall. It was precious.

When we got back to MI, we were hoping for some snow to play in, but no such luck. Thankfully it snowed here this week, so Kaden and I went outside after his nap to shovel the driveway and play in the snow. Of course he had to wear his play safety goggles so he could be like Uncle Brian. It was hilarious. He LOVED being outside making snow angels and helping me shovel. He didn't want to come inside, but I lured him with hot chocolate, which of course after tasting it said it was yucky. Guess I can't use that trick again, huh? Maybe next time we'll add marshmallows.

Making snow angels

Cheese! Those goggles crack me up.

Helping shovel the driveway

Rosy cheeks!

Stirring his hot chocolate

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Brian Van Der Heide said...

those goggles are hilarious.