Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Insult to injury

This lovely sight is what I get to stare at all day long. My crutches resting against the couch, my ankle in a cast, elevated to reduce the swelling. Not exactly how I pictured the week before my vacation. Most of you already know the story from Facebook, but the long story short.... I fell down a flight of stairs at Calvin on Monday afternoon. I basically went down with my legs twisted under me, using my shins as a snowboard for the way down. Not a pretty sight. Lots of bruising on my legs and on my elbow, and I'm pretty sore. After a whirlwind of going to Urgent Care, then being sent to Med-One because of worker's comp issues, they diagnosed it as a bad sprain. They put my ankle in an air-soft cast and told me to keep it up and use crutches this week. I could get really open and emotional and share how hard it has been, but I won't. I'm trying to look on the bright side. I could have broken something, or cracked my head open on the brick wall at the bottom of the stairwell. I could have to teach this week. I could be a single mom with no family or friends, but I'm not any of those things. The injury is minor in the scheme of things, I have a very flexible schedule right now, and I have wonderful family and friends who are helping out. Are there 100 little things I wanted to get done in preparation for Andy and I leaving for Mexico for 6 days? Yes. Will they still be here when I get back? Yes. Does it matter that my house isn't perfectly clean or all of the laundry and shopping aren't completely done before my parents move in? Not really. Life will go on, I'll have a wonderful time re-cooperating on my beach chair with a margarita in Mexico, and Kaden will have a blast with his Grandpa and Grandma all week. I'm sure some of the details will be hard. I'll have to be pushed around in a wheelchair in the airport, maneuver my way around a resort limping or using crutches, no pedicure, I'll want to wear pants to cover all of the bruises, and I'm sure I'll realize something that I forgot to tell my parents about Kaden's nightly bedtime routine. But, all in all, life will go on.

To add insult to injury, Kaden is battling a cough, so we (I mean Andy during his "lunch") took him to the pediatrician to get it checked out. He had pneumonia last year, which makes him more susceptible to getting it again. Thankfully, no pneumonia. We have to use the nebulizer again just to clear him up, but nothing contagious, thank goodness!

It's been an emotional week for a lot of reasons, and I'm looking forward to some rest and relaxation. Most of all, I'm thankful that God gives us patience when we need it, strength for all circumstances and the encouragement we need at the exact moment we need it.

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Lynda said...

Your writing is so beautiful.. I love to read it. I really hope you and Kaden get better very quick.