Friday, January 7, 2011

First trip to the library

I took Kaden to the library this morning for the first time, and he LOVED it! I think he was the most interested in the fish on the librarian's desk, all of the different chairs to sit in, the window seat and the water structure in the middle of the library, but he still loved it. I was surprised to see that our library (Wyoming branch of KDL) had an entire toddler wing where toddlers can play and read books. How did I not know about this before?!? I think we'll be scheduling regular trips to the library from now on. Kaden was so excited to take his tote bag that I made him, and he picked out the following books (when prompted with, "What kinds of books do you want, Kaden?"): Caillou, airplanes, mustangs (for you Grandpa VDH), and fish. Those titles pretty much sum up Kaden at this age! He even figured out how to check out the books all on his own! While I didn't have my camera with, I did snap a few pictures (while parked of course) on my phone of Kaden looking at books in the car. He wanted to look at them as soon as he was buckled in. So cute!

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Toby and Laura said...

We, of course, are big fans of the library and Mabel has been there tons of times already. Usually she cries or sleeps during our visits, though. I'm surprised this was Kaden's first visit!