Saturday, January 22, 2011

R&R in Riviera Maya

Going to Riviera Maya, Mexico(1 hr from Cancun), was the best idea I've had in awhile. Relaxing on a beach chair with a book of no educational value while sipping a Bahama Mama was exactly what the Dr. ordered.... almost literally. My ankle got better and better each day. It's still not 100%, and I'm wobbling around a bit, but I'm hoping we're in the upswing on that one. I was pushed through the airport in GR and Cancun on the way there (which by the way was a definite perk going through security and customs!), and hobbled my way around the resort wearing my cast the rest of the time. Our room was near the elevator, and the restaurants and adult pool were in close proximity to that so I was able to walk to each place. I got really sick of being pushed in a wheelchair on the first day and determined after that NOT to use it! :) Despite some cool and rainy weather on the first couple of days, the weather stayed gorgeous and in the 80's each day after that. It was SO nice to sleep in, not be on too much of a schedule, relax, get some sun, and spend time with just my hubby! It's crazy how the days here at home seem to fly by, and become filled with the mundane tasks of life. Dinner conversations get interrupted by a crabby child who throws his food at you, conversations after bedtime consist of what our plans are for the next day, etc... you know how it goes if you have little kids! So, it was just so nice and refreshing to take a break from it all. Of course we missed our little man like crazy and found ourselves talking about him all of the time during our dinner conversations anyway! :) Our little man was spoiled by his grandpa and grandma, and we are SO thankful they were willing to fly out for the week to take care of him. Thank you thank you thank you, Mom and Dad!!

Now it's back to the grind. Laundry. Snow. Schedules. Work. I'm feeling a bit down about all of that at the moment. I've been feeling physically under the weather the past couple of days, and now my finger won't bend. No idea if it is tied to my little spill a week and a half ago, but it always seems to be something with me lately. I'm hoping that getting back into the routine of working again (2nd semester is just around the corner- ah!!!) and schedules will help pick me back up. Snowy days don't seem to help that either! I'm taking it a day at a time and reminding myself to savor those moments with my little man because soon I won't be able to spend as much time with him!

Enjoy a few (okay, maybe more than a few) pictures from our trip!

The view from our balcony. Not bad, huh? :)

Other resorts

We arrived in our room to find this banner over the door. In case you can't tell it says, "Happy Birthday." At first we thought we were in the wrong room. When we found balloons on the bed and a note addressed to Andy, we realized that since his birthday was so close to our trip (Jan. 24), the resort assumed it was a birthday trip. We got a fun laugh out of that little surprise! :)

Balloons were everywhere- not just on the bed.

Ah, matching slippers.

Round 1 of many. Delightful.

More views from the balcony


Our room- looking from the balcony to the door. The room was awesome!!!

More room. Andy is enjoying watching episode after episode of The Soprano's. Lovely.

Andy had a little mishap and messed up his toe. He wasn't too happy about the bruise on his self-acclaimed beautiful feet. I think someone is out to get us with all of these injuries!!!

Had to document the cast and the wheelchair. One day I'll laugh about it.

Enjoying dinner at the Italian restaurant, Portofino. This was one of many restaurants there we could choose from- all inclusive is the best!

Enjoying a drink at the edge of the ocean, swinging on a swing

Gotta' love the stereotypical swan on the bed.

Mexican dinner on the beach. It was amazingly delicious (if there is such a thing), except for the hair I kept eating because it was so windy!!

Dophin Discovery. We took a little walk into "town" one night and snuck a peak at the dolphins swimming.

Adult pool and bar where we spent our week. It was so quiet and relaxing on that side of the resort!

A little blurry, but we wanted to capture the moon shining on the ocean. Andy says it doesn't get much better than that.

El Patio restaurant- my personal favorite. Maybe it's because I love Mexican food. No, it's because of the ambiance. It was amazing. See the picture below.

These lanterns were beautiful. The building was a large dome hut, with these ball lanterns hanging from the ceiling. I loved it!

I guess it's not a complete experience until you wear nasty sombreros on your head and take a picture.

Andy wanted to document what I did all week- I had my nose in a book. At times he would claim he talked to me and I apparently didn't even notice. Oops! :)

Picture by the resort sign before we left. Too bad my camera lens was foggy after transitioning from the air-conditioned room to the humid outdoors. Darn.

View of the marina on the way out

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thesloothaaks said...

Jen, what a wonderfully relaxing vacation! It looks like you had a great time. We just booked a kid-free vacation for June, and are so looking forward to it. So glad that you could have some time away!