Saturday, December 24, 2011

Advent- Day 20

Day 20: Make a Gingerbread House

This was our first time making a gingerbread house together. I bought an awesome kit at Costco, which made it SO easy to decorate- again, perfect for little hands. The house can pre-assembled, so all we needed to do was decorate it. I'll definitely use this Wilton Gingerbread house kit again sometime! We decided to bring the kit with us to NJ so we'd have something fun to do while we were there. What you'll notice in the pictures is that it started with Kaden and my mom working on it, then slowly more family members joined in the fun. Who would have thought it would take so many people to make it look so nice?

Kaden and Grandma working on the house

Who is having more fun here?!?

Uncle Brian helping Kaden make the gingerbread man- he was the guard for the house.

The whole family gets involved here. We're such a crafty bunch! :)

The final product- pretty cool looking, huh?

Today's book choice was: The Little Fir Tree

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