Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rysdam Family Christmas

We always celebrate Christmas with our little family and Andy's mom the weekend before Christmas. We do this for several reasons. First, who doesn't love another Christmas party and reason to make yummy food?!? Secondly, we're often in NJ for Christmas, so this gives us a chance to celebrate with Andy's mom, and finally, it spreads out the gift-giving and celebrations a bit more (great for Kaden so he doesn't get too much all at once!).

This year if you asked Kaden what he wanted for Christmas, he'd tell you he wanted a space gun. Now, upon asking him for more details about this gun, he couldn't tell you what it looked like or where he had seen one. In fact, I'm pretty sure he made it up because space guns don't really exist. I was already done Christmas shopping for Kaden before he decided he needed a space gun, of course. I like to shop all year long when I find good deals online, clearance in stores, garage sales, etc., so then when celebrations come up I'm prepared with gifts and haven't broken the budget! However, I knew I wanted to try and make this little boy happy and give him a space gun. I made a trip to Target to find something that could possibly be a space gun and found this Buzz Lightyear laser gun that shoots out nerf darts. It even made a space-like sound. I almost did a hop, skip and a jump right there in the store. I was very excited for Kaden to open his space gun, and when he did, he screamed and said, "A space gun! This is what I've always wanted!!" Jackpot for mom. Woo whoo!! :)

Opening his space gun

Apparently this is what you do when you're wearing a space gun?!?

We had such a nice night celebrating with our little Rysdam family, and it was a blessing to share the joy of the season with each other. We are blessed!

Showing Grandma the annual calendar I made for her

Opening his MI Wolverine Pillow Pet!

Giving Grandma a hug after we gave her a Grandma's necklace from The Vintage Pearl

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