Thursday, December 15, 2011

Capturing Conversations

A boy moment...

Me: Kaden, did you fart?
Kaden: Yes, I like to fart. It's my favorite thing in the whole world.

We went to the store to buy a gift to donate to a boy in need this Christmas. Kaden had a temper tantrum when we got home- too much stimulation in the toy aisle and threw a fit about wanting to keep the book for himself. Conversation at the dinner table:

Me: Kaden, that toy isn't for you. It's for a boy whose parents can't buy him anything this year.
Kaden: No it's not!!!
Me: It's nice to share and give things to other people at Christmas. God wants us to be nice to others.
Kaden: The boy doesn't want it!
Me: I'm sure that he does.
Kaden: No he doesn't! I called him on his cell phone and asked him.


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