Friday, April 4, 2014

Lent- Day 31

91. "Mr. Scientist"  Kaden loves to do "experiments."  He started off his first day of spring break sleeping in until 8:30am and then doing science experiments with random things, all while in his pjs.  It was a great way to start our morning!

92. "View from above"  These 2 blessings love to catch a ride on my feet whenever possible.  It's about the only workout I can get these days.  I couldn't ask for a better view of these babes.

93. "Ice cube air hockey"  Yup, Mr. Creative today.  At least he was dressed for this picture. He came up with this crazy idea to give both of us oven mitts and then we slid the ice cube across the floor like we were playing air hockey.  Even the girls got into it.  I love his creativity!

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