Friday, April 18, 2014

Lent- Day 45

133/134 GOOD Friday.  I mean, it was a really good start to the day.  I joked with a few people today that God must have been on my side today.  I know he's on my side everyday, don't worry.  I don't find it coincidental that my morning went as it did.  I was a bit worried about my car issue yesterday, and my ideal plan was for the car to make it to school for chapel, and then from there to the mechanic to get it checked out.  I was worried about Kaden going on the bus, getting stuck on the side of the road, and mostly just the unknown of what was going on.  Well, we decided we would all walk Kaden to the bus stop, and he was pretty calm and confident and GOT.ON.THE.BUS.  This was huge!  Then I loaded up the girls in the van- along with the jogging stroller and my sneakers in case I got stuck and had to walk home, haha!!  I started up the van and quickly drove to school praying we wouldn't get stuck.  We made it to school ON TIME for chapel, and I parked in the last row in case my car wouldn't start later.  The smile on Kaden's face when he saw that we made it to chapel was priceless.  After chapel, I loaded up the girls again, and prayed that my car would start and get us to the mechanic down the road.  It did!  And the best part- they couldn't find anything wrong with the car.  This was a good, good start to the day.  A reminder from God, that He is good.  When we put our trust in Him, all anxiety and fear are gone.  I almost dare say that He was trying to teach me something.  My day was thrown yesterday- I was anxious and concerned on Maundy Thursday.  Yet today, Good Friday, He made all things new.  My heart was in the right place this morning.  I felt humbled, renewed and refreshed- exactly as I would want to be on Good Friday.  (And yes, I counted this as 2 things- Kaden going on the bus, and no car issues :)

135. Things they say.  We ran to Costco tonight to grab a few things.  On the way home, we drove past the horses that we drive by almost daily if we're out and about.  We usually all place bets on whether or not the horses are out- we live an exciting life :)  So tonight, we placed bets and Kaden and Daddy were right- the horses were inside.  I said to the girls, "The horses are inside.  What do you think they're doing?"  Makenna replied, "Eat."  I asked her what the horses were eating for dinner.  Her reply- "Tacos."  We busted out laughing!  I asked her what else they were eating and she said "Cows."  She grinned from ear to ear as we all laughed about it the rest of the way home.  I could probably post daily about the things they say that make me laugh.  I try to remember/record some of them, but I know I miss a lot of them.  It's a blessing to laugh together with our kids!

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