Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lent- Day 43

127. "I guess they were hungry."  Today was kind of a crazy day/night, so pizza was on the agenda for dinner.  I put the pizza on the island and then went to grab plates to cut up pizza for the girls.  I turned around and found this.  I guess they were too hungry to wait for me to cut it up and put them in their seats.  So I embraced the moment.  I let them eat their pizza as a whole slice, with no bib on, sitting by the island.  I chose my battles in this moment, and boy, was it freeing.

128. The influence of a brother.  Kaden thought it would be a great idea to dress himself up, and make his sister look like a knight.  But he didn't stop there.  He thought it would be great to push her down the little roller coaster on the lid of the toy chest, just like that.  I have to admit, it was hilarious.  I find myself saying at least several times a day- "Kaden, please don't do that, because now your sisters are going to do that."  He goes outside, they go outside.  He jumps on the bed, they jump on the bed.  He climbs on the counter to get a cup, they do.  The girls are so impressionable and want so badly to be like their older brother, that they imitate EVERYTHING he does.  This is a reminder to me of how we bless others through teaching our children.  When we instruct our children in how to act, what is safe/isn't, how to treat others, not only are we doing this for them, but we're doing it for the people they'll come into contact with.  We're helping raise individuals who will interact and form relationships with other individuals.  Even though I feel like a broken record sometimes, continuing to remind Kaden how to act because his sisters are watching, I feel like I'm doing something right.  I'm reminding him that people are always watching us.  Others notice how we act when we say we are Christians.  God sees what we do.  I want people to see me and imitate my good behaviors, or see God in everything I do.

129. What's amazing to me is that when God knows we are weary, he sends help.  Help in the form of good friends who listen to us, talk to us, laugh with us, and share life with us.  Today I'm thankful for a night with a wonderful friend, cooking together, and sharing our hearts.  I know God knows what he's doing when he blesses us with good friends and times like that.

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