Friday, March 14, 2014

Lent- Day 10

28. Teeth brushing- Maya requested that Kaden brush her teeth tonight.  As a great big brother, he gladly took the time to carefully help her brush her teeth.  I'm amazed at his patience with his sisters and that in the bedtime rush, we let him help her.  We knew it would take longer and possibly make a mess, but we made the choice to let it be.  I'm learning more and more that in parenting, sometimes you just allow your kids to do things because it's the right thing to do.  It may take longer, it may make a mess, but it makes memories and good kids in the process.
29. Playing school- I couldn't help but smile as I played school with the kids downstairs today.  Kaden grabbed a Bible and told us a story, I played the piano for music time, we had recess, snack, and reading time.  I played school A LOT (ok, like most of my childhood... probably when I was in high school too, ha!!), and since school is in my blood, I clearly loved this.  I love that Kaden loves school and soaks it all in.  He insisted on calling me Mrs. R and that we had to do things JUST like he does at school.  I love his age and that he still loves school and craves routine.  I hate that he'll lose the "we have to do it this way in school because this is the only way to do it" mindset.  I don't hate that he'll grow up, but I love the childhood innocence that comes out in situations like this.

30. Singing together- While we were playing school, we had music time and I sat at the piano and played songs that the kids knew.  We all gathered around the piano and sang several renditions of our favorites.  Maya really loves playing the piano and tried to help me play.  It was certainly not our best performance, but we sang together, and that's what mattered.

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