Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lent- Day 26

76.  "Sunday sing-along"  Nothing makes you feel more blessed than sitting in the car in the garage, jamming to "God's Great Dance Floor"

77.  Mr. Mike.  I don't have a photo of him, but he's Kaden's small group leader at church.  Kaden was having a rough morning and didn't want to go to his class.  After Andy gave him a little pep talk and tried to get him to go back to class, Mr. Mike raised his hands and started cheering for Kaden- "Kaden, Kaden, Kaden."  Kaden grinned and went to his group.  The people at ABC are such huge blessings in our lives.  God knew who our kids would need, who we would need in our lives.  I can't even begin to explain how God has made us realize that this is what church is all about.

78. Good food.  I love an excuse to have people over and make yummy food.  Good food was meant to be enjoyed and a blessing to those who enjoy it :)    And trust me, it tastes way better than it looks :)

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