Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lent- Day 8

22. Daily batch of cookies- This morning I was reminded about a person I know who chooses to do a specific action every day for someone.  Part of her morning routine is baking a batch of cookies for someone, and every day, someone else gets to enjoy this.  It's something she doesn't even think about anymore.  She just does it, and blesses someone else.  Even though I don't actually know this person, I've only enjoyed the cookies through a friend, it reminded me of some of our sermons during this satisfied series.  What if we chose to do something every day that brought us out of our own worlds into serving someone else that day?  How could we be a blessing if we were purposeful about putting others first every day?  How many more people could be blessed when we can look outside our own lives?

23. Perspective- Maya was playing with my phone while I was changing her diaper, and she happened to take 100 pictures of this same view within the 2-min diaper change.  I think she may have been my voice of God today, trying to tell me something.  This picture represents what she sees every.single.time I change her diaper.  What a lovely view.  When I change her diaper, I get to look at her pretty face.  She sees her feet, and a shelf on the wall.  I could change diapers in my sleep I've changed so many of them.  My point here is this.  What if we looked at a mundane task we've done SO many times from a different perspective?  Would it change how we viewed the situation?  Could we learn something from looking at the other perspective?  I'm going to challenge myself to look at something in my life that has become a routine task, from a different perspective today.  Maybe it will change my outlook on a lot of things.  What perspective will you change today?

24. Running around without clothes on- the girls decided it would be fun to strip down and run around with only their diapers on today.  They do this often.  They also insisted on trying on their new shoes and wearing them around the house.  And they posed like this completely unprompted.  I think that's why I love this picture.  It shows their joy from doing something so simple, yet they were completely happy.  And it didn't matter what they were wearing.  I'll admit that sometimes I worry too much about outward appearances- for myself and my kids.  When all is stripped away, who we are is still there.  We're still fun.  We're still uniquely created.  These girls are beautiful- their smiles and personality capture who God has created them to be.  I want to celebrate who we are more than what we look like.

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