Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lent- Day 4

10. A church that is real: We went to a membership class today for ABC, and one of the things the campus pastor mentioned was that they aim to be culturally relevant.  They want the music to be culturally relevant, designs, media, issues, etc.  The pastor also made a comment about how no issue needs to go unhidden- we can talk about anything there.  Andy & I have talked about how much we appreciate this.  We all know that we all have issues- we are all sinners after all, aren't we?  So why go to church on Sunday, look pretty and pretend that everything is perfect in our lives?  I'm so over that.  Be real.  Be who you are.  Embrace those who are struggling.  Love everyone despite their faults.

11. Lotion tissues: My poor nose is taking some real abuse from this 2-week long cold.  I'm thankful that lotion tissues exist so they get at least some relief from this ridiculous cold.

12. Dirty melting snow: I really hate this part of winter/spring.  Half-melted snow piles on the side of the road.  Dirty, full of trash that's been scooped up by plows during those long winter months.  Despite the ugliness of these piles, I'm blessed because I know what's underneath them.  Grass.  Color!  Warmer temperatures.  Each day as I drive past these half-melted snow mounds, they get just a tad bit smaller, and I get a *tiny* glimmer of hope that spring is actually coming someday.

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