Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lent- Day 7

19. Access to good dental care- I love our pediatric dentist, and Kaden loves it.  I'm blessed that we live in an area where I don't even think twice about good health care.  Going to a dentist, a pediatric dentist no less, where my insurance pays for my trip and my kids feel comfortable is a huge blessing that I take for granted.

20. Spontaneous mall trip- we were in and out of the dentist pretty quickly, so I asked Kaden if he wanted to run to the mall quick since I had to make a return.  He was pretty excited about it.  It turns out we had a pretty fun morning at the mall.  We window-shopped, took lots of rides down various elevators (since the main one in the center was broken), shared pretzel bites, picked out a new watch for Kaden, and had lunch at Panera together.  My phone even got to take a nice swim in a public restroom toilet.  Don't ask about that one.  This was a non-planned trip, yet the kids actually all enjoyed it and no one had a melt-down :).  On the way home Kaden said, "Thanks, Mom, that was fun.  We never get to do fun things like that at the mall!"  I needed this time spent with my kids today.  Not necessarily at the mall.  But a chance to just be in the moment and enjoy each other.  Otherwise I'm fairly certain that we would have gone home and focused on the "to-do" list for the day.  

21. Non-working internet- our internet wasn't working today, and that was a good thing for me.  It forced me to avoid temptations to check Facebook or my email every little bit, and attend to the things and little people that needed attention in my house.  God knows when we need clear reminders of what takes too much of our time on some days.  Thanks for the clear nudge today, God! :)

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