Sunday, March 16, 2014

Lent- Day 12

34. The touch of a mother- I'm glad that I slowed down enough to catch this moment.  Makenna really loves her babies, and I'll often find her sitting and feeding the baby or rocking her dolls.  Sometimes I use the opportunity of kids happily playing as a time for me to quick get something done.  However, I'm glad this time, I was relaxing (it was Sunday afternoon of course) and could savor this little mother doing her job.  It was precious.

35. Signs- I'm realizing that God gives us signs.  Ok, I've always been a "signs" person.  Back when I was in high school I prayed for a sign to help guide me in choosing a college.  The same day I got a scholarship letter from Calvin College.  That was pretty clear as day.  Yet, had I not prayerfully sought God in that situation, I may have missed the God sighting right in front of me.  God's signs are all around us, yet sometimes we're too busy to even notice them.  We ask for answers, we pray for guidance, and we selfishly try to come up with our own solutions.  Or we're too stubborn or self-centered to notice them.  Today I was reminded of signs that God sends.  Things fall into place, things just feel right, and yet we don't notice God's handiwork in them.  Maybe God wants us to slow down enough to notice His presence in our lives.  That we see everything as a part of His plan, that we trust him with the unknown, that we look with open eyes towards sightings of God all around us.

36. Special party juice- You really needed to be there in order to appreciate this one, but it was still funny.  Andy and I helped teach the girls' class at church today, and the lesson was on God turning water into wine.  We had to talk about special party juice and do a little experiment to show the miracle.  All of us adults in there had a lot of fun in there this morning.  It reminded me of how thankful I am for the teachers in this class, and how several of them dedicate to teaching every single week.  They know our kids, they love our kids, and they have fun with our kids.  I'm blessed that God used a fun lesson to remind me how thankful I am for the market volunteers at ABC.

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